2 Year Growth Free Warranty

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Here at a Cleaner Choice we are dedicated to keeping your roof clean and your house looking as nice as the day it was built so we provide a 2 Year Growth Free Warranty on all roof cleanings!

A typical roof cleaning can last upwards of 5 years but in some cases roof growth can start to reappear in as little as 2 to 3 years, if by any chance your roof starts to grow anything at all within 2 years from date of service we will clean the roof for free!

Some exclusions may apply and will void warranty:

  1. Over hanging or over grown trees covering or blocking direct sunlight from reaching roof.
  2. Areas where gutters drain onto roofing materials.
  3. Areas under dormer eaves which over hang a lower roof.


All exterior cleaning requires property-supplied water, A Cleaner Choice, LLC is not responsible for property provided water systems, pumps, filters or wells.

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