The Cleaning Process: What to expect

All Our Cleanings Start the Same Way

  • Our Technicians will arrive at your house with all the necessary items to clean anything you desire!
  • We will do a full inspection of your property and make notes of any items that need to be moved or covered.
  • We will take several “before” photos of your house before we begin.
  • Since every cleaning is different, we will review the process with you and let you know how we will proceed.
  • After our review we will begin our setup:
  • We will unpack our equipment
  • Attach hoses to your outside faucet & or drains
  • Setup ladders and safety gear
  • Once the cleaning begins we ask that everyone (even pets) stay in the house or stand back a minimum of 40′ from the work areas. This help ensure safety while working on or around your home.
  • If at any time you would like to enter or exit your home we ask that you let our Technicians know so we can stop any spraying and ensure all cleaning agents in the area are cleaned up. This helps prevent tracking dirty water into your home or car.
  • When the cleaning is complete the Lead Technician will take “after” photos so you can see the dramatic differences and review what was cleaned.
  • The Lead Technician will present you a bill and take payment. You will be given a receipt and your warranty information.

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card & Discover

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So how do you Clean a Roof??

The Safe and Effective Way to Clean a Roof:

  • We only clean using low pressure cleaning techniques (< 100 psi)
  • Depending on the type and quantity of growth, we can approach this in one of several ways.
    • Black / Green Stains roof stains (Gloeocapsa magma)
      • Our cleaning solution will dissolve all black/green stains  – All stains will be removed at the time of the cleaning.
    • Treating Moss & Lichens – We use a 3 part process:
      • The treating of moss and lichens can be very time consuming and if not done properly can cause severe damage to your shingles. Moss and Lichens take several years to attach and grow – forcing them to detach can cause damage to the shingles. (manual removal is never recommended – never brush, scrape or use high pressure to clean moss or lichens as this will damage the roof).

Step 1: Treat your roof – this is our standard roof cleaning treatment to kill all growth attached to the roof.

  • At this point all moss and lichens will turn a white / tan color indicating that it has been killed.

Step 2: (depending on the quantity and thickness):  we may use a garden hose to dislodge any large chucks from the shingles – we do not want to force removal as this will cause damage

Step 3: We allow nature to help in the process and dislodge as much as it can. Depending several factors we may schedule a return trip several weeks after the initial spray to re-treat the roof and assist any remaining stragglers to fall off, sometimes gravity is not enough. Letting nature aid in the process save you hundreds of dollars and is safer for the shingles.

To help us protect your property while cleaning your roof or house we ask all home owners to follow the following steps:

  • Ensure an Outside water faucet be available and turned on
  • Check that ALL Doors and Windows are closed tightly
  • Check that any outside furniture, decorations or potted plants be pulled away from the house or taken inside
  • Have all vehicles a minimum of 20′ from the area being cleaned

All exterior cleaning requires property-supplied water, A Cleaner Choice, LLC is not responsible for property provided water systems, pumps, filters or wells.


The 2 Year Growth Free Guarantee!

All Roof Cleanings come with a 2 Year Growth Free Guarantee!

If anything grows back within 2 Years from the date of service we will re-spray your roof FREE!

Terms & Conditions of Guarantee:

• All roofing surfaces must be treated at the initial cleaning – no exceptions
• Any actions within the homeowners control to correct the cause of the roof growth must be implemented.

Areas not covered under Guarantee:

• Areas where gutters pour onto a roofing section
• Areas where trees over hang the roof

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