So what is growing on your roof?

There are 3 main things that grow can grow on your roof.. all are airborne, and all are easily removed.

Algae (Gloeocapsa Magma)  – A very common problem throughout the Northeast.

  • Causes Ugly Black Streaks or Stains on your roof.
  • Can turn prospective buyers away.
  • Breaks down shingles by dislodging granules.
  • Can increase energy costs due to heat retention.

Moss  – Can grow almost anywhere that has shade, is acidic, and has moisture.

  • Has no true roots system, it gathers all its nutrients from the air.
  • Completely entangles the roofing granules as it grows.
  • Causes severe roof damage.
  • Should not be manually removed.
  • NEVER use a brush or pressure to remove
  • After treatment this can take several months to fully dislodge and disappear.

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Lichens   – Round green circles that vary in size and shape, can coat almost any surfaces, and can live in extreme environments.

  • They grow on anything.
  • Destroys shingles.
  • Should not be manually removed.
  • After treatment this can take several months to fully dislodge and disappear


  • Is able to be removed
  • Can be caused by several things
    • Oil additives
    • Metal breaking down
    • Chimney Caps
    • Cheap Flashing
  • Will return if the cause of the problem is not corrected
  • Is not covered by our 2 year Growth Free Warranty


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